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Quick Notes find ou acheter canada goose en france outlet . Weddings. Vodou. and School Holidays
Pagan Weddings in Ireland. Just a few quick news notes for you this Sunday. starting with the news that Ireland will now recognize weddings performed by officiants from Pagan Federation Ireland as legally binding.

“Following a five-year campaign the Irish state has now recognized the right of the Pagan Federation Ireland to perform weddings, discount canada goose winter coats for sale in toronto . Couples will now be able to be legally married after a ceremony that concludes with jumping over a broomstick to mark crossing over from an old life to a new one. ”

Before this, discount canada goose freestyle vest cheap . Pagan couples would have to get legally married at a separate civil ceremony, cheap buy genuine canada goose online . and then participate in a religious ceremony of their choosing. A circumstance that still holds in the UK (unless you’re Christian) ou acheter canada goose en france outlet . Eight solemnizers are currently being trained under the new guidelines. and no doubt wedding planners who work with Pagan tourists are excited about these new developments.

Invisible Vodou Aid. The BBC examines why Vodou. practiced by such a large number of Haitians. isn’t more visible in post-earthquake relief efforts. What emerges are more accusations that some Christian aid missions are excluding and turning away Vodou practitioners ou acheter canada goose en france outlet 2015 .

“Some Christian communities do not want to give food to voodoo followers ou acheter canada goose en france outlet . ” [Theodore ‘Lolo’ Beaubrun] says. “As soon as they see people wearing peasant clothes or voodoo handkerchiefs official ou acheter canada goose en france outlet . they put them aside and deny them food. This is something I’ve seen. ”

It should be noted that this isn’t the attitude of all aid organizations. many. most notably Catholic charities ou acheter canada goose en france outlet . have been welcoming towards Vodou practitioners. In addition ou acheter canada goose en france outlet purchase . Vodou practitioners took part. along with Christians. in a recent 3-day prayer ceremony held for earthquake victims. Still canada goose winnipeg plant outlet store . these incidents of exclusion are deeply troubling. and point to a thread of “aid” that is more about winning souls than saving lives canada goose jackets discounts outlet .

Pagan Holidays in New Jersey. In a final note. word has been spreading through Pagan e-mail lists that the New Jersey State Board of Education has added the eight Wiccan/Pagan “Wheel of the Year” holidays to its “official” list.

“I just got a call from the NJ Board of Education. They are adding 8 Wiccan/Pagan holidays to the “official” BoE calendar. They just wanted to double check the dates with me. in response to my letter to them in December. They said it will be adopted as official policy next month at the March BoE meeting. parka canada goose shop nyc for sale . our holidays plus a couple Jewish ones they apparently missed manteau canada goose junior outlet store . ”

This means that school children in New Jersey can now take an excused absence for those eight holidays without question canada goose mens snow pants outlet store . The addition of Pagan holidays came after a Salem County School refused to grant an excused absence for Yule to a Pagan student Cheap Canada Goose Montebello Parka Red store . which started a letter-writing campaign by local Pagan parents. Congratulations to the New Jersey Pagans for this win buying used canada goose jackets 2015 .

That’s all I have for now ou acheter canada goose en france outlet . have a great day.

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