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It goes without saying that we’re huge fans of House Beautiful and read our issue cover to cover each month. The interiors always inspire us. as does the sage advice doled out by all the designers. One thing we never miss is the quote quietly placed on the Contents pages in the upper right hand corner and now we’ve turned this feature into a new series called “That’s What He/She Said cheap mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store . ” First up is Miles Redd who said in the February 2014 issue. “Think of a house like a canvas. and you’re holding the paintbrush. making dabs of color that run through the rooms mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store . ”.

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The number of homeless children in America reached nearly 2. 5 million last year mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store inexpensive . an all-time high. according to a new report released by the National Center on Family Homelessness mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store .

The report inexpensive mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store . titled "America's Youngest Outcasts" and published Monday. concluded the current population amounts to 1 child out of every 30 experiencing homelessness mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store . From 2012 to 2013. the number of homeless children jumped by 8 percent nationally. with 13 states and the District of Columbia seeing a spike of 10 percent or more.

Researchers behind the study cited several major drivers behind the recent surge including high poverty levels. insufficient affordable housing across the country mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store sale . and traumatic stress experienced by mothers. Different reports have cited 90 percent of homeless mothers have been assaulted by their partners canada goose camp hooded coat . with children overwhelmingly exposed to similar acts of violence.

According to Monday's report. youth homelessness is particularly problematic in some parts of the South. Southwest. and California.

Republicans are already lining up to block the White House's plans. and Obama's successor could go ahead and reverse course in 2017. anyway. Still, canada goose endangered species store online . here are three reported provisions that could have a dramatic impact on the lives of the United States' 11 million undocumented immigrants.

1. Expansion of DACA. the program for DREAMers. Back in 2012. a Department of Homeland Security directive known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) extended deportation relief to those young immigrants who came to the United States before their 16th birthday and went on to graduate from high school or serve in the US military. As Vox's Dara Lind has reported canada goose womens jackets sale ottawa outlet online . the program has been a success for the roughly 600, constable canada goose on sale . 000 immigrants who received deferred action by June 2014. although just as many are eligible but haven't yet applied. According to the Fox News report. Obama's executive action would move the cutoff arrival date from June 2007 to January 1. 2010. and remove the age limit (31 as of June '12); a new Migration Policy Institute (MPI) report details how changes to the initial plan could make hundreds of thousands of immigrants DACA-eligible.

3. Elimination of mandatory fingerprinting program. Under Secure Communities. or S-Comm. immigrants booked into local jails have their fingerprints run through a Homeland Security database to check their legal status. (If they're unauthorized. they can be held by local authorities until the feds come pick them up canada goose baby canada online store . ) The program canada goose solaris parka women outlet store . which began under President George W discount canada goose freestyle vest cheap . Bush and was greatly expanded under Obama. has long come under fire for quickly pushing people toward detention and potential deportation. as well as for contributing to racial profiling and even the detention of thousands of US citizens canada goose in canada to buy . According to one 2013 report. S-Comm led to the deportation of more than 300 canada goose down vests outlet online . 000 immigrants from fiscal years 2009 to 2013.

There are other reported parts to Obama's plan mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store . including hundreds of thousands of new tech visas and even pay raises for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. Still, buy canada goose jackets london outlet store . given this year's border crisis. it's notable that the president's plan seems to make little to no mention of the folks who provoked it. the unaccompanied children and so-called "family units" (often mothers traveling with small kids) who came in huge numbers from Central America and claimed. in many cases. to be fleeing violence of some sort.

mens canada goose hybridge lite jacket online store