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Ranking All the Looks From The Limited's 'Scandal' Collection From Best to Worst
Gladiators. we can now all dress like Olivia Pope real manteau mystique canada goose for sale . Which means we are only one flawless apartment. a handful of sexy boyfriends. and the ability to drink endless amounts of wine without ever getting a hangover away from being Olivia Pope.

Kerry Washingtonpartnered with Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo and The Limited to produce "The Limited Collection Inspired by Scandal. " with pieces ranging in price from $49 to $248 (so you don’t need an OPA-sized paycheck to purchase them) manteau mystique canada goose for sale .

Now that all of the looks have been released. we can decide which we love and need ASAP and which should be banished to the B-613 box and never heard from again manteau mystique canada goose for sale purchase . So we ranked them.

16. Narrow Lapel Jacket. Drape Neck Shell Blouse. ‘Liv’ Flare Leg Trouser

This is legitimately ugly. Olivia would not wear a suit from Suit Warehouse.

15. High Neck Halter Top. ‘Livvy’ Slim Leg Ankle Pant

“The Limited Collection Inspired by Scandal for Basic Bitches. ”

14 manteau mystique canada goose for sale . Black & White Ruffle Collar Top. ‘Olivia’ Modern Trouser

This is cute. but again. it’s a little too simple for us. An added ruffle does not an excxiting blouse make. (Sidebar. If you’re power walking all over D. C.. wouldn’t that ruffle blow up and back into your face. We have suspicions. )

13 original manteau mystique canada goose for sale . Epaulette Shirt. Officers Pencil Skirt

We would absolutely ruin this outfit immediately. There is no way we could keep this outfit that white. Also. it’s a little bit Afternoon-Martinis-at-the-Country-Club. don’t you think.

12 manteau mystique canada goose for sale . Necktie Blouse. Officers Pencil Skirt

This looks like it’s for a secretary manteau mystique canada goose for sale 2015 . Or Abby.

11. Black White Sheath Dress

This is very pretty and we think we could actually pull it off. That said. we don’t see Olivia wearing this dress.

10. Tulip Sheath Skirt

This is also very cute and we could see Olivia wearing it. Hopefully we could pull it off too.

9. Necktie Blouse. ‘Liv’ Flare Leg Trouser

Those lines. That tailoring canada goose mens down jacket outlet . A bold choice of fabric and color.

8, ou acheter canada goose en france outlet . Plaid Cape. ‘Olivia’ Modern Trouser

Very old-school class. but this outfit immediately screams “DADDY ISSUES” to us (probably because it was inspired by season three and we’re pretty sure Olivia wore it while she was crying in a park canada goose expedition parka sporting life 2015 . )

7. Double Breasted Jacket. ‘Livvy’ Slim Leg Ankle Pant

This is a power bitch moment. And we’re getting a dash of Mellie in there too.

6. Dolman Sleeve Wrap Coat. ‘Liv’ Flare Leg Trouser

This looks very comfortable and very chic. but honestly, buy cheap canada goose calgary on sale . this was inspired by season three. wasn’t it. We would have preferred they skipped the maternity looks. We’re not trying to hide a baby.

5. Drape Collar Wrap Coat buy cheap canada goose chateau parka online for sale . Double Breasted Jacket canada goose womens down skirt . Officers Pencil Skirt

Love the double-breasted jacket with the skirt (versus pairing it with a pant in #7). And that pink jacket is taking this ensemble on a press-conference-on-the-White-House-lawn journey.

4. Tweed Peplum Jacket. High Neck Printed Halter Top canada goose expedition parka manchester stockists outlet store . ‘Olivia’ Trouser

We have no idea where we would wear this. Would you wear this to work. What would people think if you wore gloves to the office. We would buy this and look at it longingly hanging in our closet and wish we had somewhere to wear it.

3. Tweed Peplum Jacket. ‘Livvy’ Slim Leg Ankle Pant

We aspire to be chic enough for this outfit. Love.

2. Elbow Sleeve Sweater. ‘Liv’ Flare Leg Pant

We’re drunk already thinking about this outfit. Because you know this is the outfit you curl up in amid your fifty thousand throw pillows and have a glass (or six) of wine. We’ll opt for white wine though. because guaranteed we will spill red all over that gorgeous, canada goose ladies chilliwack bomber jacket outlet online . gorgeous sweater.

1 canada goose lodge down vest men's outlet store . Cape Sleeve Trench. ‘Live’ Flare Leg Trouser

It’s handled cheap canada goose chateau men's jacket .

The collection will be available exclusively at The Limited starting Sept manteau mystique canada goose for sale . 23.

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