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Red Cross conducted training on Hygiene Promotion to restrict epidemics in Cyclone/ Flood hit areas of Odisha
Bhubaneswar(Odisha Samachar/Anuja Nayak). Red Cross interventions for Cyclone Phailin are being praised all over with their active response by disseminating warning in the vulnerable communities to providing shelter and relief materials. Now to restrict epidemics in the villages. extensive hygiene promotion and house hold water treatment awareness camps are been planned by Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) through its Odisha State Branch real discount canada goose ladies mitts , canada goose winter coats buffalo ny cheap .

Right from the day when first news of Cyclone Phailin was confirmed. IRCS – Odisha State Branch activated their large pool of volunteer for Warning. evacuation and providing shelter in Cyclone Shelters discount canada goose ladies mitts . 75 Red Cross cyclone shelters are strategically located to provide shelter to vulnerable communities during the early warning phase discount canada goose ladies mitts purchase . Basic Relief including dry food packets. candles soon after evacuation; within weeks time Relief packages containing NFIs inclusive of clothes. tarpaulins discount canada goose ladies mitts . kitchen sets were distributed to the affected families by Red Cross.

One of the major contributions of the Indian Red Cross Society is their commitment to provide ‘purified water’ in affected villages of the state though large Water Purification Units and promoting hygienic practices in the communities cheap discount canada goose ladies mitts . One SETA & NOMAD Machine have been installed at Dayavihar Kanas and another Water Purification Unit ‘NORIT’ has been installed at Huma of Ganjam District discount canada goose ladies mitts . As on today total 1. 23. 500 litres of purified water have been distributed in close coordination with respective RWSS units. Small Water Purification units will be provided to the communities where commutation is difficult as informed by Dr. M. P Mohanty. Honorary Secretary. IRCS-Odisha State Branch.

“Orientation Programme on Hygiene Promotion and Household Water Treatment (HWT)” was organised on 8th of November in Indian Red Cross Society- Odisha State Branch discount canada goose ladies mitts online shop . Bhubaneswar to build up a team of trained volunteers who will organise awareness camps in the affected villages to promote hygiene practices and different Household Water Treatment techniques. Dr cheap version of canada goose store . M, canada goose jackets in burlington ontario on sale . P Mohanty. Honorary Secretary canada goose at costco on sale . IRCS-OSB inaugurated the training real canada goose winter jackets uk outlet . Dr used canada goose for sale ottawa online store . Sarita Supkar discount the victoria canada goose . Youth Red Cross Officer. Ms, canada goose yorkville online store . Seema Mohanty. International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (New Delhi). Mr. Utkarsh Pandey. Mr. Rajneesh Kumar canada goose camp hoody sale store . Indian Red Cross Society. National Head Quarters(New Delhi) & Sri. S. K discount canada goose parka jackets store in ottawa . Sahoo felicitated the training. discount canada goose ladies mitts

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