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(aka in America. umm just a towel original cheap parka canada goose shop europe . )What are they. Well. if you are looking at mine. they are old cheap parka canada goose shop europe . dingy. used to wipe everything and even some unmentionables.

I have a few. key tea towels that I use during certain times of the year. like my Christmas one from H&M but that's about it.

Wedding Invitations- Invites to a wedding (aka in America. umm invites to a wedding., buy canada goose jacket craigslist vancouver outlet .. yeah the same)

What do you do with invitations. I know what I do. I put them on my fridge. then I put something else on my fridge. The invite falls off because I put too many things on one magnet. I then try to put the invite back on again cheap parka canada goose shop europe genuine . then everything falls off cheap parka canada goose shop europe . I give up. taking the entire pile of fridge front contents and put them in what I call 'organised mess' on the counter. which then gets moved to my office for 'safe keeping' find cheap parka canada goose shop europe . I then forget about it until I move house and go 'Oh yeah. There's my tax stuff and so and so's invite to their wedding. '

Ben & Karen Founders of the Wedding Tea Towel thought of this idea when they were planning their wedding. They were not impressed by the prices of wedding invites and also the fact they would eventually be thrown away. So Ben came up with this idea and it was a pretty good one at that.

These towels aren't just for invites. they are great for Save the Dates and also make great wedding favours after the wedding. They don't stop there. Wedding Tea Towel also make the loveliest RSVP Cards. Paper Invites. Door hangers and canvas bags. Ahh. I think I may need them to make me one for my company cheap parka canada goose shop europe . I am a sucker for Canvas bags I tell ya.

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