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Project Runway Recap. Dress Like a Doll
Last week’s rainway was a pretty awesome Project Runway challenge and we’re so happy that Kini finally won (and yes. Sean too. again. )

We’re so excited for. discount canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online . oh look canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online , is canada goose jacket warm sales . More product placement. It’s become so in-your-face and disconnected (Red Robin. come on) that it’s uncomfortable. Seriously. how greedy can a show get. Let’s tell fashion designers to be inspired by a television or a burger. Cringe worthy.

This week. the designers tromp down to American Girl Doll store($115 per doll for this week’s line. ) AGD is starting a clothing line and the designers have to create a kid’s design. inspired by the doll’s time period and story.

Korina is not happy. She doesn’t know what 9-year-olds like to wear. she doesn’t know any kids. Amanda’s ancestors were pioneers and she decides she’s inspired by the quilt on the doll’s bed. Emily has a children’s line and a daughter and loves making sweaters for her. Sean is making a jumpsuit and a denim jacket. Sandhya is also making a jumpsuit.

The designers are all freaking out over designing for kids. They don’t need darts and don’t have curves.

Tim visit time canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online online . He worries that Sean’s fringe is too much and tells him to kill it. Emily has an awesome sweater for her doll that’s from Russia. She also has a circle skirt. Amanda thinks it’s a little dark. Kini’s tweed jacket gets the silent treatment because it’s too mature for his doll. who is an orphan and was taken in by her grandma.

Amanda’s doll has just escaped slavery with her mother canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online . Tim is kind of freaked out with all the sad stories with these dolls. Char has a lot of fringe going on and Tim thinks it’ll be cheap and tawdry.

Char is doing it anyway.

Sandhya is creating a jumpsuit with elements of sailing. It’s bright pink with cutouts of a sun and waves. Tim says it’s not working for him and he has trouble understanding her color relationships and proportions but the judges love her work. She says she’s happy with it but takes off the cutouts. OK.

She feels bad that people don’t like her. She wants some respect for who she is. Shortly after boasting about her very thick skin. she starts crying about wanting a little compassion. I think people are just confused that her horrible looks keep winning.

Kini has a cute red plaid dress. Korina has a lot left to do and there’s no time left. Will she pull through, canada goose chilliwack bomber red womens for sale . Sandhya’s jumpsuit looks like a onesie.

Eight designers left genuine canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online . Tonight’s judges are Heidi. Zac. Nina. AG Doll representative and Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men. who. again. nothing to do with fashion. Remember when actual designers used to come on the show canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online .

Korina. for all her complaining canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online genuine . says she was saved by her 11-year-old model’s walk of the red. white and black tiered dress.

Emily’s has an awesome sweater and a giant purple tutu comparatif moncler canada goose outlet .

Amanda and Alexander are safe.

Sean is up first. Zac is not pleased real white canada goose jacket men . He thought the jumpsuit with the vest with the (incorrectly assembled) jumpsuit was boring.

Heidi says it’s a sew-it-yourself pattern and it’s far too safe. Nina says it was a missed opportunity, canada goose dames winterjas outlet store . Moss says she didn’t hate it. Doll woman says it could have been a lot more fun.

Korina talks about her tiers with the pop of yellow underneath.

Zac says it’s a great fun update. Moss loved it. Nina loved it and the colors.

Sandhya’s doll’s father is a shipmaker and the doll wants to be the captain and she made a sailing jumpsuit. Heidi said it’s for a one-year old and says it’s like a onesie and it’s not age appropriate.

Nina says it needed to be more classic and this is too young. Zac says she looks like a circus flamingo canada goose chateau medium for sale . Doll woman says it feels skimpy and not feeling great. Sandhya keeps saying “I disagree but thank you for that feedback. ”

Kini’s orphan doll became a girl with a credit card. Heidi thinks its fantastic. Zac thought it was sensational. The doll lady likes it discount canada goose jacket bomber style . Moss says it’s a party dress and fun with the cut-outs in the back. Nina says it’s perfection. Whoah..

Char wanted a little party with her girlfriend. Nina says all boys and girls love fringe and it’s one of the most updated looks and it’s age appropriate. Zac says the fringe was so much fun.

Emily. who has a children’s line. gets mixed review. the AG doll person says it’s a frumpy silhouette but likes the choice of fabric.

Nina says there’s no joy in the outfit and the colors are very dark and she looks sad. Zac says she’s in the shtetl in Russia canada goose jackets and parkas retailers new brunswick store . Also Emily put some weird net around her model’s face and that’s not going over well.

At the discussion. they say Sandhya has a good idea for color and textures canada goose hybridge lite vest men's outlet online . Heidi hates Sandhya’s and says it looks silly but Elizabeth says the pink onesie is more kidlike.

Winner – Kini. Yay cheap canada goose men's langford parka uk . Two wins in a row.

Losers – Down to Emily and Sandhya. Emily is in and finally. finally canada goose yorkville bomber jacket outlet online . finally. Sandhya is out. She says she had a lot of fun.

Next week. Find a client in Washington Square Park. Readers. Tim has been really hot and cold with his comments. like telling Char to take off all the fringe. which the judges loved. What’s going on there.

Did you find Sandhya’s attitude annoying. I don’t know. it just doesn’t feel genuine. Tell us in the comments.

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