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Finding your wedding dress should be one of the most exciting parts about your wedding planning and you will have a hundreds of stunning wedding dresses to choose from if you delve into this wedding dress section. Wedding dress designers are all different and have their own unique and very beautiful style official canada goose stores edmonton on sale .

In this wedding dress section you will be able to be very specific when doing your wedding dress search. By selecting a neckline. train length. gown type canada goose stores edmonton on sale . fabric or colour you should be able to find a selection of beautiful wedding dresses to suit your body shape. and style of your wedding.

CRM traces its history from relationship marketing which became popular in the 1980s. During the 1980s. businesses where experiencing instability in their markets so it became necessary for them to look for ways to make their marketing efforts more effective canada goose stores edmonton on sale online . Philip Kotler. came up with a strategy for these companies to succeed by managing their relationships with their customers (Payne 2006). Kotler’s approach gave rise to relationship marketing, canada goose jakets uk stockists . which focused attention on customers. Businesses started to rebuild their organizational cultures and job functions in order to put customers in the center. As the business environment became more competitive and as customer demands and requirements continue to shift canada goose stores edmonton on sale . organizations realized that in order for them to succeed. they must stay close to their customers and build relationships of mutual value. This strategy became important for market oriented companies and also. according to Birtwistle (2004) to Fashion-oriented companies online canada goose stores edmonton on sale . Like companies in other industries. companies in the fashion industry requires to build close relationships with their customers of they want to succeed. Fashion companies need to gather customer information and from these. forecast future customer trends and align their product and service offerings to these trends.

The aim of the study is to determine the ways by which fashion marketers in Hong Kong are applying Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The researcher aims to examine the following.

1. How do fashion marketers in Hong Kong view CRM canada goose stores edmonton on sale .

2. How do fashion marketers in Hong Kong apply CRM.

3. What are the benefits of CRM to the organization.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be defined as the development and maintenance of mutually beneficial long-term relationships with strategically significant customers (Buttle 2000), canada goose womens jackets sale to bain store . CRM according to Plakoyiannaki and Tzokas (2001) is an IT enhanced value process. which identifies canada goose stores edmonton on sale discount . develops. integrates and focuses the various competencies of the firm to the ‘voice’ of the customer in order to deliver long-tern superior customer value. at a profit to well identified existing and potential customers canada goose women's hybridge jacket outlet store . According to Peppers and Rogers (1999), canada goose in fort mcmurray store . CRM is the process of integrating the idea of customer focus in marketing. service victoria canada goose parka xxs navy outlet online . sales. production. logistics canada goose goose down 2015 . and economy canada goose ontario parka military green outlet . in other words. the entire company’s organizational activities. Customer relationship management focuses on strengthening the bond between customers and the firm by maximizing the value of the relationship for the benefit of both the customer and the firm. As a business philosophy. CRM is based upon individual customers and customized products and services supported by open lines of communication and feedback form the participating firms that mutually benefits both by buying and selling organizations. The buying and the selling firms enter into a ‘learning relationship’. with the customer being willing to collaborate with the seller and grow as a loyal customer. In return. the seller works to maximize the value of the relationship for the customer’s benefit. With the objective of most businesses today being to create and maintain loyal customers at a profit buy canada goose jacket fort mcmurray outlet . CRM provides the platform for seeking competitive advantage by embracing customer needs and building value-driven long-term relationship (Ford et al 2003).

  Customer Relationship Management calls for a long-term beneficial relationship between the customer and the organization. Because of CRM. the marketing mix shifted from Place. Product. Price and promotion to a more ‘customer-focused’ approach. The marketing mix now is more concerned with the customers’ wants and concerns than do the Ps. Place. rather than implying organizations’ methods of placing products where they want them to be. can be thought of as ‘Convenience for the customer’. recognizing the customers’ choices for buying in ways convenient to them canada goose down vests on sale . Product. rather than being something that a company makes. which then has to be sold. can be thought of as a ‘Customer benefit’ – meaning satisfactions wanted by customers. Price may be what companies decide to charge for their products. but ‘Cost to the customer’ represents the real cost that customers will pay. Promotion suggests ways in which companies persuade people to buy cheap canada goose vest no patch . whereas ‘Communication’ is a two-way process also involving feedback from customers to suppliers (Dennis and Harris 2002). The last several years saw the rise of Customer Relationship Management as an important business approach. Its objective is to return the world of personal marketing. The concept is relatively simple canada goose stores edmonton on sale . Rather than market to a mass of people. market to each customer individually. In this one-to-one approach. information about a customer is used to frame offers that are more likely to be accepted (Gray and Byun 2001).

canada goose stores edmonton on sale