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Power dressing with a pink twist
Shelve the pantsuit and dark skirts and own your femininity in the workplace. writes NONKULULEKO KUMALO

WHEN you look good discount canada goose stockists liverpool on sale . you feel good and you do well.

The modern woman juggles many roles canada goose stockists liverpool on sale . as professional. mother. friend. individual and so on.

Finding balance and performing those roles with confidence can be daunting.

The working woman battles with creating a personal brand and climbing the corporate ladder while still remaining feminine.

Mentor and modern corporate coach Lori Milner says women are too hard on themselves and tend to restrict themselves in the work environment canada goose stockists liverpool on sale 2015 .

"A lot of women struggle to find their footing in the corporate environment canada goose stockists liverpool on sale .

"They struggle to sell themselves and with personal branding. " she says.

Clothes are not just about material covering your body. they play a vital role in boosting your confidence. which in turn plays a role in how you project yourself.

"It's important to know how to present yourself discount canada goose stockists liverpool on sale . It takes only seven seconds to make a first impression canada goose stockists liverpool on sale . so you have to make it count. "

Women in high-powered positions sometimes tend to think that they should emulate men. but this is not the case.

"Women are often conflicted because they look at the corporate male. who is usually confident canada goose stockists liverpool on sale for sale . and they want to stick to the black and grey pantsuit and pretty much dress like a man achat en ligne canada goose france outlet store .

"I always say that as long as you keep it professional. you can still look feminine. It's okay to wear pink and to add some accessories to your outfit. It's important to keep your femininity while staying professional discount sale canada goose toronto . " says Milner cheap turquoise canada goose jacket .

Author and personal finance blogger Vangile Makwakwa believes that the clothes you wear are a personal choice. but it's important to look professional and presentable canada goose youth uk online store , canada goose chilliwack jackets store .

"Clothes are very important. I love dresses and skirts and looking very colourful and feminine with large earrings. because that's me.

"My advice is to be authentic - dress professionally canada goose point de vente montreal outlet . but let the way you dress be a reflection of your personality, canada goose trillium black small outlet . " she says.

Body language is as important as power dressing.

It shows people what you are about and it speaks volumes about your confidence levels.

Milner says men have mastered the art of "power poses", canada goose white vest for sale . which women need to learn.

"Men take up space when they are in a room. they make gestures with their arms and walk around the room cheap canada goose chateau jacket black .

"Women. on the other hand. cross their legs and fold their arms. which makes them seem smaller.

"Women need to walk around discount canada goose langford parka navy m . use the room and claim the space. " she says canada goose stockists liverpool on sale .

And a pair of killer heels never let anybody down.

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