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Prom Fashion for Guys
The suspense of graduation pales in comparison to the time-honored tradition of prom, canada goose water quality store . It’s that one night of the year – or of your whole stay in school – that everyone dresses and acts like a grownup. Not all young men. however. weather the rite of passage with as much style in mimicking formally attired adults. There are fashion rules worth noting to ensure that your photos from that night won’t be the subject of cringes a decade on.

Prom Prep
Since prom is invariably a formal event. a suit or a tux are non-negotiable parts of the style package cheap canada goose kensington parka purple on sale , canada goose manteau homme . Men’s fashion dictates that the two are more or less interchangeable (at least for prom). so it all boils down to the effect you want to create.

A suit would obviously be the more modern choice. and one you can wear to a good number of events afterward; just change the necktie and the shirt. Tuxedos. on the other hand. carry much more tradition. and would require significant investment in everything from the bow tie to the cummerbund. Its sophistication. however canada goose kensington parka purple on sale , canada goose authorized online retailers canada for sale . is undeniable.

You’d be extremely fortunate if you were exactly the same dimensions as a male relative. which would let you borrow from big bro or dad. If you’re like most other guys. though. you may want to consider buying from a store or – better yet – having it tailored so that the whole thing fits better on your frame canada goose kensington parka purple on sale original . The males in your family can help by providing the other items like the necktie (or bow tie. for a tux). pocket square and cuff links canada goose kensington parka purple on sale .

Whether it’s a suit or a tux. nothing will ever beat something that’s customized for you real canada goose kensington parka purple on sale . In men’s fashion canada goose kensington parka purple on sale . the more customized something is. the better it’ll be because there’s a huge emphasis on how clothes fit on your body canada goose kensington parka purple on sale discount .

Suiting Up
A good dress shirt is the first thing on the prom fashion checklist. There are two things to remember. First. tuxedos require a tuxedo shirt. which is usually finer and features pleats. Second canada goose winter jacket us store . invest the extra money to make sure it fits really well. It’s almost certain that you will take your jacket off during the evening buy cheap canada goose parka online 2015 . so the shirt has to be able to stand by itself.

Next on the list is a good tie. Although neckties have always been traditionally worn with suits and bow ties with tuxes. the skinny black tie is now commonly used as an option on the tuxedo. Keep it black and understated. and you should pull off this modern switch.

Style and elegance are usually found in the details discount canada goose down new york . and that holds even for prom. A nice leather belt that matches your leather lace-ups are worth spending on. especially since the pair will have countless uses later on discount canada goose jackets 2015 winter . Since you’ll be wearing a suit canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 . a pocket square and the right pair of socks are also imperative pieces for the evening.

Prom is likely your first chance to choose and buy so many clothes for yourself. Before you get any item cheap canada goose jacket sale women . take a good. long and honest look in the mirror. If you feel that there’s something off or ill-fitting canada goose mens lodge vest outlet online . take off the clothes and move on. Chances are good that your assessment is accurate; what you see in the fitting room is very likely what your date and friends will think come prom night.

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canada goose kensington parka purple on sale