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Rafael Cox’s Endearing Slips & Phenomenal Dresses
Tafetta. slick purchase canada goose in sweden store . classic. 50’s silhouettes. flirty above the knee cocktail dresses and floor length evening gowns. everything about Rafael Cox and his designs are fun and playful.

“I love to use color. ” Rafael tells me. “My pieces are distinctive and very original in the design canada goose in sweden store . I like to think of myself as an Alexander McQueen that doesn’t necessarily follow trends, canada goose coyote fur bomber 2015 . but more or less creates clothes to his liking and aesthetic. ”

“The beauty of being an original innovator or designer is finding your own way within your aesthetic to make beautiful pieces that encourages others. I’m very detailed and my construction is very intricate with vibrant colors canada goose in sweden store retail , cheap canada goose 'mystique' down parka with genuine coyote fur trim . ” Rafael elaborates as I probe into the working of his fashion infused mind.

My conversation with the Atlanta based designer was anything but normal canada goose in sweden store . Over laughs we talked about his designs cheap canada goose in sweden store . his upcoming garment appearance at the FUNKshion fashion show. his personal tastes as a fashion maverick and a very endearing awkward moment that occurred after his first ever show. But don’t be too quick to pass judgment on what seems to be such a lax conversation. during my chat with Rafael Cox. we also talked of the more concrete figments of fashion such as technique. inspirations and aspirations.

Rafael Cox first began designing in 2007 upon graduation from AIU university where he majored in fashion design and merchandising canada goose in sweden store . Although that was only three years ago. his love of fashion was cultivated long before then.

“[When I was younger] I use to love to watch runway shows. ” Rafael says. “I use to love to see Tyra Banks canada goose in sweden store on sale . Naomi Campbell…just a lot of different models on the runway and I remembered it seemed so magical to me for them to be walking down the runway giving you these looks with these clothes. ”

“I used to watch Chanel. Christian Dior. and Alexander McQueen shows when I was younger and they just all inspired me to want to achieve that type of magical way of constructing clothes. It seemed to me so interesting to be able to construct these clothes and then have them fit the body and the fact that they’re made from hand. ” he later explains winter jackets other than canada goose .

I’ve previously stated how fun. funky and just pure bliss Mr. Cox designs are and when asked about the pedigree of girls that he designs for. he gushed. “My type of girl…she’s funky. She’s young. she’s old. She’s one of those types of girls that can mix and match garments. ”

“She can go to the thrift store and buy a blouse, canada goose expedition clearance cheap . dress or maybe even a skirt and pair it up with Chuck Taylor’s. ” Rafael says of the “girl” he designs for discount cheapest place for canada goose . “She may put it with David Yurman jewelry. or she may have a custom piece made from a designer like myself and dress it up or down with thrift store accessories. My girl is edgy canada goose winter jacket uses coyote fur outlet online . she’s fun and she just really loves fashion and likes to explore fashion. ”

Just as I suspected. I’m Rafael’s sort of girl and other girls like me. when it comes to our dresses we want tight and we want skin and loads of fun canada goose for sale calgary store . I asked Rafael if during his creative process what components were vital to him cheap canada goose storm chaser . Tailoring and fit are related. but how did he mesh the two with his intricate pieces.

“It’s a little bit of both I want it to fit well but the tailoring comes in to just my own particularities. If I decide I want it to be a little snug here and over there a bit more loose fitting. But I really like to focus on the aesthetic of the design and what look it is I am going for. What type of story. how do I want my girl to feel when she slips on the dress or blouse so it’s just a lot of different components canada goose mystique xxs on sale . ”

Although the dresses of Rafael Cox’s line are my personal favorite canada goose citadel france 2015 . the designer has many tricks and styles up his sleeves. “Dresses are much more easier but to me you shouldn’t run away from a challenge. you should want to embrace it. especially with designing. I don’t want be a designer to where I’m only focused on making dresses. So I try to focus on every component. making pants. making jackets. and blouses…making different things so that I am challengin canada goose in sweden store .

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