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Spaghetti Supper – Everybody loves pasta. Transform your school gym into an Italian Trattoria for the night and let the fun begin. Include a variety of sauces and noodle styles for your spaghetti. Add salad and garlic bread for the finishing touch.

Nintendo Tournament – Most guys you know can probably spend hours playing this game. Take advantage of this. and set up an all-night (or all-weekend) Nintendo Tournament in your school gym. Charge a fee for participants and get ready for the games to begin. (This can be with an X-Box or Wii. )

Music Sale – You’ve probably seen the steep prices record stores charge for used CDs. Now you can follow their lead and sell old albums. cassettes and CDs. Ask students to donate their old music. and watch the profits roll in for your Prom.

Walk-a-Thon – Get in shape and raise funds at the same time. It sounds like a win/win fundraiser to us. This is a fundraiser that the whole family can participate in. so be sure to hold it on a weekend.

Imprinted Wearables – Here’s a fun and spirited way to raise money for Prom. Sell hats and T-shirts imprinted with your school mascot and the slogan of your choice. StumpsSpirit. com has these items available at great prices. so you’ll maximize your profits.

Sadie Hawkins Dance – For this theme dance. make sure all students understand the rules – it’s the girls’ turn to ask the guys to the dance – a twist that will spice up the event. You’ll raise cash and have a fun evening at the same time.

Razor Head – Get the stage ready to shave a Prom Advisor’s head and charge students $10 to watch the fun. You’ll be surprised just how popular this event can be original canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 . If your Prom Advisor is reluctant to shave his/her head. you can opt to give them a hair cut instead.

Local Celebrity Visit – Is there a local celebrity in your town … a sports figure. actor. musician or politician. If so. ask the celebrity to visit your school. Have people pay to have their photo taken with the celebrity and get their autograph.

School Concert – Ask the School Band or School Choir to host a concert. This can either be a seasonal concert (e. g. a Christmas concert) or a theme event (e. g. a Night of Mozart). Sell tickets to students. faculty canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 . staff. parents and the community.

Morning Announcement Ads – If your school has a central P. A. system. ask your principal if you can sell ads to play during the morning announcements. These can be announcements from local community merchants. or anyone else with a message who’s willing to pay for the ad.

Balloon Bouquets – Here’s a way to show friends that you appreciate their friendship. and raise money for Prom at the same time. Arrange for helium-filled balloon bouquets to be delivered during homeroom for a fee.

Gift Wrap Table – This is a wonderful fundraiser to hold before the holidays. Set up tables with gift-wrap. ribbons. bows and all the trimmings. For a small fee. wrap gifts for students. parents and teachers. They’ll appreciate this timesaving treat. and you’ll love the profits.

Casino Night for Parents – Parents love to socialize. too, canada goose 7950m outlet . Arrange for a fun Casino Night in the school gym and sell tickets to parents. They can gamble for prizes donated by community members. or by students (e. g. one night of doing the dishes. ).

Have a MORP – (That’s Prom spelled backwards. ). Host a casual. dress-down “MORP” during the winter months to help raise money for Prom. You’ll cure the “winter blues” and raise money for Prom at the same time.

Drawing Contest – Each student pays an entry fee to draw a picture of his or her favorite teacher. The drawing that best resembles the intended teacher wins a prize. Get ready for some interesting abstracts.

Sports Highlight Video – Immortalize school victories and key plays with a special sports highlight video. Parents. students and alumni will all love reliving these nail-biting moments. Makes an awesome fundraiser.

Sports Raffle – Set up a raffle that includes your stadium’s special front-row seats. a “training camp” with the sports players or the cheerleaders. a session with the coach. and other sports-related items.

Dance Lessons – Ask the dance team or the cheerleading squad to share their knowledge with the rest of the students. Hold dance lessons in the school gym and raise money at the same time. Teach students how to line dance. break dance. do the salsa. swing dance. etc.

Talent Night – Everybody loves to show off. so set up a school Talent Night and ask students to sing, canada goose real sales . dance canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 discount . tell jokes. or do whatever it is they do best. Sell tickets to students. parents and siblings – they’ll love this opportunity to see their family members struttin’ their stuff on the stage.

School Basketball Tournament – Organize basketball teams with faculty members. staff members. students and cheerleaders. Set up a tournament and invite the whole school to come and watch for a small donation.

Gourmet Dinner Night – Organize a special gourmet dinner in the school cafeteria for students. parents and alumni. Ask local restaurants to offer their food at a special discount canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 . In exchange for this discount. print the name of the restaurant in the homecoming program. or hang a large personalized banner with the restaurant name in the Prom program or school newsletter.

Bowling Night – Parents. students and friends all love to bowl … so why not cash in on this much-loved hobby. Organize teams and meet at your local bowling alley. Ask participants to contribute cash each time they bowl … and watch the cash add up. You’ll have fun inexpensive canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 . too.

Everybody Loves Pizza – Check with local merchants and see if they will be willing to donate pizzas or give you a special discount on some of their scrumptious pies. Sell slices to hungry students at snack time. offer it at games canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 . or have an all-school pizza luncheon. Either way. it’s a delicious way to make some money.

What’s Cooking – Your school cookbook – that’s what’s cooking. Compile student recipes into one cookbook canada goose banff parka jacket 2015 cheap . and get ready to rake in the profits. Sell it to parents canada goose parka outlet in montreal store . community members and students. You’ll be surprised how many budding chefs you have in your midst canada goose yorkville online store .

Tee Off for Dollars – You’ll find that most parents and community members will be ready for a round of golf at just about any time. So a Golf Tournament to raise money for Prom is an easy and profitable venture.

Dance the Night Away – Plan a 24-hour dance marathon in your school gym. Organize teams. and mandate that at least one team member must be dancing during the entire 24-hour period. Have team members receive sponsors for the event. Provide music. snacks. drinks and lots of motivation for the teams.

Sunrise Doughnuts – There’s nothing more satisfying than an early-morning doughnut. so take advantage of this and sell them to hungry students and teachers. Those who skipped breakfast won’t mind paying a little more for this sweet treat. and you’ll earn lots of dollars in the process.

Gourmet Coffee Morning – The enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee could mean big dollars for you. Organize a gourmet coffee morning and greet students. faculty and staff with a steaming cup of Joe. Offer different gourmet flavors and serve coffee in a special coffee or travel mug.

Plant Power – Consult science teachers and discover which plants are economical. hearty and attractive. Plant these in clay pots painted in your school colors featuring your school name. Sell them to parents and students for a truly “green” fundraiser.

Sell Stadium Cups – Help cut down on wasted paper and make a profit. too. Order stadium cups imprinted with your school name and mascot, canada goose at yordale sale store online . and implement a benefit package that will prompt students to purchase the cups. Work out a deal with the school cafeteria and a few local restaurants so that when a student presents the cup. he or she will receive a discount on a soda refill.

Adopt-A-Tree – Organize an “adopt-a-tree” program that gets the community involved with your school. Locate an area around your school or in a nearby park that looks sparse. Consult a landscaper on what trees would flourish in the area. Next. persuade a local garden shop to donate a few trees in exchange for a plaque advertising the generous donation. Have students plant and care for the trees. The trees will be “adopted” by community members who pay a fee to help in the upkeep. In exchange. each “parent” will have his or her name printed on a tag that is attached to an adopted tree’s limbs.

Recycle Aluminum Cans – Host an aluminum can-recycling contest. Many recycling companies pay up to $ canada goose vancouver online store . 30 a pound for aluminum. Create collection bins from our corrugated paper. and place one bin in each homeroom. At the end of the contest. the winners will receive prizes donated by local merchants. and you’ll have a large profit with minimal investment.

Food Bazaar – Host a food bazaar just before a big football game. Each school club will have a booth set up in a designated area. Tailgaters will purchase food tickets from one booth and trade the tickets for food and treats they desire.

Toy and Book Drive – Start a couple of months before the sale and collect slightly used children’s books and toys. Give parents plenty of time to clean out old closets and toys. Allow two or more dates to drop off the items canada goose winter jacket us store . Send out numerous reminders – print it each week in your local school newsletter buy cheap canada goose parka online 2015 . Clean the toys and have a huge sale. Give part of the proceeds to a local charity and keep the rest for Prom. Or discount canada goose down new york . keep all monetary proceeds and donate the left over toys to a local children’s organization.

Sell Spirit Items at Sports Events – Plan ahead and select a big game with a rival team. Purchase pom pons. stadium cups or a similar low cost item from the Stumps Homecoming Catalog. Sell the items for a dollar or so a piece at the game. It is an easy way to raise money.

Host an All Family Sock Hop – Get moms. dads. brothers. and sisters involved in a family night of fun. Keep preparation and set-up to a minimum; the idea here is to raise money. Rent a jukebox or simply hire a DJ. If you have someone in the school who likes to spin records. hire them for free. Get a popular teacher discount canada goose jackets 2015 winter . coach or parent to act as the DJ. Sell rootbeer floats and ice cream desserts. Sponsor a dance contest and a best dressed family contest. Have a dance contest by age. Enjoy the night with the entire family. canada goose banff parka jacket 2015

canada goose banff parka jacket 2015